How Automatic Likes on Facebook can help you

The internet has in the recent past become a home for creating connections for people across the globe. Social websites such as Facebook and Twitter have enormously proved to be marketing sites for different kinds of brands. Have you ever thought of advertising your business on social media? Well if you haven’t then you are missing a lot. Most people especially those in business and celebrities are taking advantage of these social websites to market their brands. However, sometimes it might not seems as easy as it appears to gain a large following either Facebook or Twitter. For instance getting automatic likes in Facebook will require some form of expertise.

This is probably why you sometimes wonder why some people have so many likes on Facebook than others. Considering that the more likes you have on Facebook the more people you reach, it is very necessary to do everything possible to ensure that you get automatic likes. Having said that, having a Facebook button does necessarily guarantee that you will get so many Facebook likes. Instead you will require employing some other techniques.

Why you should not use automatic likes services in the digital market.

The internet has provided numerous marketing avenues for many companies in today’s world, digital markets like Twitter, face book, Instagram have been invented to give many businesses additional marketing channels for their products and sales. With the increased competition and presence of many businesses online, how can one stay afloat and on top of the game among its competitors? There are additional value services that have been created to make one’s account in any of these platforms stand out and attract many clients. Such a service is ‘automatic like.’ These are automated likes that generated once a post; an account owner has posted link or image. Once they have been created an account stands out and spikes the interest of the masses. Though it sounds like a good thing, we cannot ignore the negative impacts of this service on someone’s business and social account. They are as below:

  1. Lose reputation

We all have families, friends whom we have shared our work ideas, problems and challenges faced as we carry out our activities. So once you have employed such a service, your company will all of a sudden enjoy a celebrity status but in the eyes of those who know the true story, it will all be a fake story. This will lead to you losing reputation in the view of those who truly know you. This will negatively impact your business because they cannot trust you.

  1. Risk of Account closure

Most of these social sites have strict policies against the engagement of such services. These services once engaged will send numerous annoying messages to your followers they might end up reporting you to the management. The site management might suspend or terminate your account. You might have worked hard to build your social presence online, and one mistake of employing such a service might result in its closure. This is not only disastrous to you but to also the clients you had earned all along.

  1. Spammer alert

Once you have engaged such a service, your account will be marked as a  spammer! No one wants to be called a spammer of be associated with one. As mentioned above any other account holder you come into contact with will report you to the management and might result in account closure.

  1. Risk of hacking

Your account might be open to hacking when you engage such a service, and there are first logging that one is assigned to and might make your account vulnerable, once hacked you can imagine the kind of damage that can happen to your company and your clients.


If you are running a successful brand online, you might want to take a cautious step before you decide to engage in such a service because the disadvantages cannot be ignored. Stick to other means of marketing, advertising online, use the magazine, use the billboards and referrals because shortcuts are not entirely safe. Automatic likes service might cause more harm than good to you as an individual and a brand as a whole.