Research Based Methods of attracting more Free Likes

If you are tired of reading blog posts day in day out and still can’t attract more likes on your social media posts, relax, because after years of research and tests, here is a quick process that experts say can help increase your social media likes by ten fold. To start with, work on your bio. There have been numerous studies about the impact of a social media bio on attracting followers or free likes to your page, and they have all recommended the need to fill your bio completely.

On the other hand, be good at what you post. Treat your Facebook, twitter or Instagram account with the seriousness it deserves. Posting great content is a tried and proven method to attract more free likes, and so is using hash tags on your twitter posts. But perhaps what studies think is of more importance on social media is engagement. Whenever people like or comment on your posts, do them the simple favor of answering back. Finally, be active on social media as much as you can.