Top Benefits of Tweet streams to Organizations and Guests

Attending a conference or event used to be a boring occasion for most people. Today, it is all possible to turn your official conference into a cocktail of some sort, where everyone enjoys, learn and gets a few twitter likes or potential sales from their activities. It is also realistically possible to be in two places at the same time these days; if you know what tweet streams are. Okay, tweet streaming is when guest and event holders actively tweet about an event as it happens.

Tweet streaming is a popular marketing strategy for many organizations these days. With a proper hash tag, the organizations get feedback from the guests on how beneficial or boring their event was. On the other hand, actively tweeting in a conference can help your build a network. Also, you increase your chance of getting followers with whom you share interests in life, which means that they are even more likely to give you more twitter likes than you would get with other followers.