Twitter Likes, Instagram Follows, Facebook Shares – The Curse Of The Social Media

Do you realize how most of the time we feel happy when someone likes our posts on social media? Or that you get a sense of pride when you write a tweet, it gets a twitter likes and the same user also retweets it?

Social media has taken over our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine, say, 15 years ago. Almost everything is tied to social media. Some people are completely obsessed with it that they value their worth based on how people view them on social media.

This is a dangerous pandemic because it attacks us in ways that we may not realize it. Mankind is a naturally proud species and most of us like it when we get compliments. In today’s world, these compliments come in the form of twitter likes, Instagram follows, or Facebook shares because we feel validated and recognized.

There’s nothing wrong with using social media to share good things and/or thoughts, but you have to be careful not to let it control your life. Just like everything else, balance and moderation is the key.