What does twitter thinks about Twitter Polls?

Since twitter introduced twitter polls, there have been little elements added to this new feature. However, the popularity of the poll section can only be described as enormous at the moment. It is in fact one of the best additional elements the social network has done to their app since introducing hash tags. Twitter also highly pleads with businesses to make the best of the poll section, as it offers the following tips for businesses that rely appreciate social media marketing.

First, twitter says that posting branded polls should be the way to go for big brands, and this makes a lot of sense especially because there is so much competition in the marketing world. But as you also make polls to let your customers have a say in decision making processes, also limit your use of polls to relevant topics. Use relevant topics and ideas to promote your product by use of both twitter polls and general tweets. Finally, always extend your polls into the real world for more interactivity with customers, and so that you can better respond and make more sound decisions on your products.

With an opinionated society we have, we can just inquire anything in the social media and get tons of replies. One of which is the Twitter Poll. Have you tried it? I will not discuss in this article how to use it since it’s easy and you can just google on the how tos.

What I want to highlight in this article is how you can use it randomly. Here are some random, simple, (maybe non-sense) Twitter poll topics you can do:

·         What to wear on a date

·         Where to go after work

·         What color of lipstick is best for your skintone

·         What’s the best Photo of the Day post

·         Where can you buy the trendiest but cheapest bag

·         What is the best school in town

·         What is the best company for a particular job

·         Low waist of High waist pants, which is better?

·         Where is the best coffee shop in town?

·         Beauty or Brains?

Above are just random topics you ask in Twitter Poll.  As long as your topic does not prompt obscenity, nudity, fraud, and other illegal topics then sky is the limit. You’ll be surprised with the tons of replies from anybody. Some may retweet your poll so be ready for more followers.

The question now is the authenticity of the replies. Some are just randomly taking the Twitter poll without really thinking of their choice. Well, it depends on how serious your question is. If it’s just for fun, then expect nothing serious too from the replies. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of checking how many will reply to your poll; which is an indicator of how much your influence is in Twitter. Some also are using this to gain popularity which results to increased Twitter followers.

On the other hand, Twitter poll has been the source of major decisions in politics, education, livelihood, jobs, and many more. It became a useful tool and helped entities plan for their next steps. This is how powerful Twitter poll is.

Also, since it shows the replies, people can be swayed by the choice of the most. A person may not have a ready answer in mind as he encounter the poll, the tendency is to just choose what most are choosing. This pose a danger when your poll is something serious and your target is to capture the accurate replies of whoever answers it. Well, there’s nothing you can do on that. You might just want to put a percent (%) margin of error for the result you gathered. Say, 2% of the replies are unreliable.

Bottom line, whether you used Twitter poll formally or just for randomness, it’s but a great tool to use. Easy yet powerful. And remember not to overdo it. Weekly polls is fine but not daily. That will pull down your positive influence. Also be responsive to other polls so you won’t be tagged as self-serving.

May this article help you on your first Twitter poll. Be creative. Be sensible. Be polite. Be responsible. And most of all have fun!