Why you need to build a relationship with followers before you can attract a thousand twitter likes

Isn’t it just easy to pay ten dollars and get one thousand likes instead of working tirelessly for years before people can start noticing you on twitter? I wish it were as easy as it sounds. Quite frankly, not even an idle teen should risk their reputation or money on looking for fame the easy way? Instead, like the great and famous twitter user you would wish to be some day, work on building a strong relationship with your twitter followers.

It takes grit to get there yes, but the joy of getting a thousand twitter likes genuinely is more gratifying than anything else on twitter. And for writers, marketers and digital advertisers, having a strong relationship with your followers often lead to more sales and loyalty than quick direct salesmanship. So, how to build a strong relationship with followers? Start by honestly and genuinely informing or educating them with your tweets. Be transparent with how you answer questions and often send them shout outs.